Who we are

We worship God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 

We are Christians of a Lutheran persuasion. We are Lutherans of an ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) persuasion. Our faith is about how grace is transformative, forgiveness is contagious and trust in God is empowering. We welcome all and celebrate our diversity. We take the Bible seriously and therefore not literally. 

We have parking and our entrance and bathrooms are handicap-accessible. 

We welcome all who are seeking God’s love and grace. 

We welcome all because God welcomes all. 

We encourage young children to participate and make their presence known. We are many races and cultures, different sexual orientations, gender identities and families of various configurations and single people. We come from a wide variety of places on earth and individual spiritual journeys. We are various stages of life, differing abilities and health, and economic circumstances. Our unity is in Christ who calls for us to reject division and discrimination. 

In our scripture it is written: "In Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith. There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus." 

 - Galatians 3

Lutherans work for unity and inclusion. 

Is homosexuality a sin? No! Click for more.

Lutherans work on crafting a statement on Women and Justice

Our first Interfaith Pride Weekend

Pride Weekend remarks

Pastor Jim O'Hanlon, Pastor

Evan Jeske, Council President

Philip Jenks, Deacon

Laurie Palastro, Deacon

Medina Telesco, Child Care Director

From Bishop Elizabeth Eaton

+ Open Letter to Muslim Americans

+ Letter after Charleston Shooting

+ Bishop Eaton responds to reported racist comments by President

+ Bishop, diverse faith leaders statement on family separation

+ Bishop responds to travel ban

1866 - 2016

St. Paul's celebrated 50 years in our current location and

150 years as a congregation. Newsletter Spring 2016

Year in Review for 2023

Year in Review for 2019

Year in Review for 2018

Year in Review for 2017

Year in Review for 2016

Year in Review for 2015

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So who is Saint Paul? 

St. Paul is the apostle who took the message of the gospel -- that God has set us free from sin and death -- to the farthest reaches of his world. In doing this he was rejecting notions of national, religious and cultural separations and preached a message of equality between sisters and brothers in Christ. He founded churches that were spiritually active, socially concerned and united across old divisions. 

And this guy, Martin Luther? 

Martin Luther is in our world history books as part of the modern movement away from feudalism and towards democracy. Along with the Magna Carta of 1215 is Luther’s protest of 1517 which brought an end to the monopoly of Christendom and helped make belief a matter of individual conscience. Lutherans have a strong tradition of music and worship, especially choral singing. The Lutheran style of Christianity dates back to Germany of 500 years ago. Lutherans believe in organizing the grass roots and place a premium on education. 

Today’s Lutherans. 

There are 26 Lutheran colleges and universities across the U.S and many more networks of hospitals and social service organizations. Today there are more Lutherans in Africa or Asia than Europe and congregations are found all across the world. 

Answering God’s call. 

We are rich in history and actively engaged in today's social and ethical issues. Through it all we rejoice in our blessings and seek to be a community of faith and support. Is this a place for you?

A crash course in Lutheranism and a brief history of St. Paul's. Click for more.

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